Examples of projects completed include:

Energy Industry

Client Large Energy Retailer
Project Review of the energy trading function
Scope Complete end to end review of the trading function including governance structures of controlling board and executive committees, management structure roles and responsibilities, gap analysis of workforce skills, functional separation, rewrite trading policies, review of policy breaches and review of systems and processes.
Client Large Generator
Project Review of and assist in establishing fuel procurement strategies
Scope To provide a strategic analysis of the coal and gas sectors and recommend a path forward to secure appropriately priced long term fuel supplies including farm-in options for gas supply and owned resources for coal supply. Commercial analysis and negotiation parameters for a joint industry gas fuelled generation project.
Client Large Energy Retailer and Network Owner
Project Pre-feasibility of generation options
Scope Prepare pre-feasibility level studies for several gas generation options in a thin network to provide network and retail customer support as an alternative to network augmentation.
Client Private / public sector alliance
Project Develop an energy market position for a large scale demonstration generation project
Scope Analyse and create a market niche for a proposed market generation in Queensland and determine the value of the revenue stream in consideration of the technical objectives of the plants.
Client Government
Project Strategic analysis and advice on the impact on local gas supplies of an emissions trading scheme.
Scope Review gas industry structure, likely consolidations, availability of fuel and potential costs under a national emissions trading scheme.

Resource Industry

Client Large Listed International Mining Company
Project Provide strategic and commercial advice on energy supply options to a remote mining province
Scope Develop an initial feasibility study report on energy supply options including local generation and connection to the NEM and develop a framework for further project development. Undertake procurement process and negotiate the chosen supply option ($1.8bn).

Gas Industry

Client Large dual listed international mining company
Project Restructure large scale generation and bulk electricity supply contracts
Scope To provide strategic and commercial advice to develop adventageous ways to restructure long term generation and bulk electricity supply contracts, negotiate contracts and assist with Legal documentation ($3.2bn)
Client Large Listed Gas Exploration and Production Company.
Project Provide services to establish a generation market trading operation.
Scope Develop trading IT infrastructure, implement NEMMCO interfaces, install bidding software, prepare O&M manuals, develop all trading process, procedures and policies for pool and contract trading and develop a governance framework at the executive level.
Client Gas exploration, gas production, gas fired generation company
Project Provide commercial and technical services to reduce a contract commercial matter
Scope Reviewed contract terms and conditions, developed legal review scope, prepared negotiation strategy and undertook negotiations franck muller replica

Water Industry

Client Large bulk water supply authority.
Project Restructure and administer long term outsourced O&M contracts
Scope Due to changing circumstances, renegotiate and administer long term outsourced O&M contracts for $5bn of assets.
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