>> RNP Corporate Advisory completes a 2 year assignment to restructure and administer outsourced O&M contractson $5bn of water assets.
>> Ron Roduner completes a 3 year electricity generator directorship and 18 months of managing director.
>> RNP Corporate Advisory assists in the completion of a long term generation and energy contract to a remote mining operation.
>> Provision of strategic commercial advice to assist in the resolution of a contractual commercial and technical matter affecting a large scale generator.
>> Provision of strategic energy market advice to a new mining development to make a choice on the preferred method of obtaining electricity supply long term.
>> RNP Corporate Advisory provides analytical and commercial advice on the renegotiation of a long term, large power supply contract including a technical analysis and review of the counter parties commercial divisions.
>> Provision of strategic commercial advice and a pre feasability study to develop a gas fired power station on a new CSM development.
>> Provision of commercial advice to a generation development contractor to assist in the resolution of a project development matter.
>> RNP Corporate Advisory provides analytical and commercial advice to a resource company to have large generation assets registered in a unique class. Succesfully advised.

>> Gateway Accreditation Achieved:

Staff at RnP Group Pty Ltd have successfully completed and achieved accreditation as a gateway reviewer.  The process has application for a range of policy, infrastructure and change projects and entails a series of progress or review gateways from project inception to benefits realisation.

>> RnP Group Pty Ltd announces an alliance with the Rylson Group to provide asset management services including:

  • Life cycle costing from the preparation of plant index and plant hierarchies, forecasts of operating expense budgets and capital replacement plans and budgeting.
  • Development of first principles based specific maintenance strategies to improve availability and reliability of assets and optimal cost of delivery of the maintenance program through scope improvement and better work management.
  • Optimisation of inventory levels through risk based spares analysis and
  • Development of engineering specifications, engineering and maintenance procedures, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and maintenance and operating manuals Buying Replica Watch .

The objective is to provide clients with the tools to improve their asset management frameworks, to reduce and sustain cost reductions and to make more effective asset decisions. Typical outcomes include structured asset strategies and maintenance plans, fully resourced and costed preventative maintenance plans, matching the workforce numbers and skills to the real underlying asset management requirements, the ability to manage preventative and unplanned maintenance activities, zero based asset management budgets, repair or replace decisions and the creation of a total life cycle costing for the asset.

Good asset management frameworks create sustainable asset cost reductions and an ability to make better asset management decisions.

>> Development of an energy trading business model, policy development, governance structures and
work procedures commenced.

>> Feasibility study on gas fired generation for network support commissioned.

>> Government utilises strategic services in the gas industry.

>> RnP commences a study to provide strategic and commercial services to a large remote mine site
for alternatives supplies of supply of electricity.

>> RnP engaged to provide commercial and energy market services to a start up company
developing energy storage products for the domestic use.

>> Sugar industry utilises RnP services on a fatal flaw study on a potential carbon capture and storage product.

>> Strategic services provided to a major listed engineering company.

>> RnP engaged to provide conceptual design and project management services to a hydro electricity plant
Energy trading conceptual design and implementation services commenced for a gas supplier and
gas fired power station including assistance for NEM registration.

>> RnP engaged by a generation company to provide strategic and commercial advice to secure coal
and gas supplies at competitive and sustainable prices.

>> Commercial advice services commenced for a gas explorer, developer and supplier.

>> RnP commences a review of a major trading operation and advises on policy, structure, responsibilities,
skill base and other operational matters.

>>RnP Group established by Ron Roduner following a lengthy career in the generation sector of the electricity industry at Board and Executive General Manger levels to provide policy, strategic and commercial advice to Boards, senior executives and governments on energy matters in the infrastructure and resource sectors.



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